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Omar Mohamed, Victoria Jamieson

When Stars Are Scattered

Nonfiction | Graphic Novel/Book | Middle Grade | Published in 2020

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Part 3, Introduction and Chapters 15-17Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 3, Introduction Summary

The reader sees a brief time stamp as Part 3 begins; it is now “four years later” (221). The artwork on this two-page spread shows the same long shot of the camp that began Part 2, but it is now even more thickly crammed with refugee tents than its parallel predecessor. Omar, taller and older now at 17, wears a white shirt and blue pants identical to Jeri’s. Both are now high school students. Omar works hard to keep his uniform for school neat and clean. It was a donation from Susana, the UN worker he met when he was in seventh grade. Omar is grateful for Susana’s kindness because he could not attend high school without a uniform and could not afford to purchase one on his own.

Maryam helps to tend to Hassan each day so that Omar can attend school. Hassan helps Maryam with her little girl, Nimo. Maryam is pregnant again. Fatuma is thinner and frailer. Fatuma, Omar, and Hassan own more goats, but conditions in the camp are worsening; it is difficult to find grass for the goats to eat. Omar is trepidatious about the approach of high school graduation, uncertain that he can find meaningful work, and concerned about the hopeless existence around him once his studies are completed.