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Miriam Toews

Women Talking

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2018

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Part 3Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 3: “June 6: August Epp, at Night Between Meetings”

Part 3 Summary

August is alone in the loft, finishing his notes. There has been “an incident.” As the women were dispersing, Autje and Neitje, who left the loft first to check on the livestock, return. They call up to the women to warn them that Klaas, Mariche’s husband, is with them. As he climbs the ladder, the women quickly hide the evidence of their meeting—August’s notes and the posted lists of pros and cons.

When Klaas asks what the women are doing in the loft, they tell him they have been quilting. August plays along and says he is learning to sew so he can stitch up children’s cuts. After interrogating the women half-heartedly and insulting August’s manhood, Klaas explains he is back to gather animals to sell for bail money. The women work to dissuade Klaas, but he is not deterred and even threatens to take Greta’s team of horses, Ruth and Cheryl. Klaas instructs Mariche to gather the children and come home, and she leaves the loft with him. August and Salome are the last to leave the loft, and they continue to quietly discuss the plans to leave. August intends to retrieve the safe with the colony’s money for the women to take with them.