Alias Grace – Chapters 27-31 Summary & Analysis

Margaret Atwood

Alias Grace

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Alias Grace – Chapters 27-31 Summary & Analysis

Part VIII: Fox and Geese

Chapter 27

Grace begins narrating this chapter in her prison cell, where she gets ready for the day, eats breakfast, and is escorted by the guards to the Governor’s house. Simon does not bring a vegetable for her.

She asks him about it, and he says he’s decided on a different plan. He asks her what she would like for him to bring. He asks her if she’s had a dream, and she feels sorry for him so she makes one up. She tells him about the red peonies in the prison yard, but as if it happened in a dream instead of reality. He busily writes it down, but remains discouraged and forlorn. She tells him she would like him to bring a radish because she never gets fresh produce in prison. He seems very disappointed by this answer, and he leaves. She isn’t done with the quilting block; he hasn’t stayed as long as usual.

Lydia comes in, looking for Simon. She tells Grace that Dr. Jerome DuPont, hypnotist, is interested in meeting her, because he’s fascinated by her life story. Lydia then questions Grace about what kind of man Simon is. Grace doesn’t tell her anything she doesn’t know already. Lydia is a bit discouraged, because she isn’t interested in a man who is “too proper” like Reverend Verringer (245). Grace immediately sees that Lydia is interested in Simon, but Grace can tell that Simon would never be interested in Lydia.

Chapter 28

Simon brings Grace a radish the next day, and in gratitude, Grace resolves to tell him her story with as much interesting detail as she can.

Mr. Kinnear returns from Toronto on Saturday morning, having been delayed over Friday night in Toronto on business. He’s invited two friends over for dinner.

Colonel Bridgeford and Captain Boyd arrive for dinner, and Grace serves them. The men drink quite a bit of alcohol and tease Grace about how good-looking she is, saying Nancy will be jealous, and josh Tom about his “harem” (252). Grace takes all of this in her stride, hoping that Nancy doesn’t hear.

Nancy asks Grace…

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