Alias Grace Chapters 32-37 Summary & Analysis

Margaret Atwood

Alias Grace

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Alias Grace Chapters 32-37 Summary & Analysis

Part IX: Hearts and Gizzards

Chapter 32 Summary

Simonattempts to fill in some of the housekeeping gaps at his lodgings, but the house falls apart. Mrs. Humphrey makes breakfast, but she does not clean or do laundry. The heat of the summer makes everything seem dirtier. Other than breakfast, there are no regular meals, so Simon takes most of his meals at the inn.

Simon finds Mrs. Humphrey’s gratitude annoying.He does not find her attractive, but he imagines her naked. Mrs. Humphrey cannot cope. She spends a lot of time lying down in a dark room. She cannot be expected to do the cooking or cleaning, and she cannot seem to find anyone to come and work there, because Dora spread rumors about her around town. Occasionally, Simonattempts to feed Mrs. Humphrey so she doesn’t starve to death. He buys a chicken and cooks it for dinner, though he has never done such a thing before.Simon imagines asking Grace for housekeeping advice, but immediately dismisses the idea, because it would make him seem less authoritative.

Simon is losing his drive and focus.A stomach ailment causes him to dose himself with laudanum, which makes things worse. He only feels better when he’s with Grace. However, he finds that he cannot pay attention and remember the details of her story, just as they approach the most important part: the murders.

Chapter 33 Summary

Grace lies sleepless on Tuesday night. She knows that tomorrow she will have to tell Simon about what she remembers about the day of the murders. Grace poses a series of questions to herself to try to distinguish what she knows from what she’s been told, or what others have said she did. The crux of the matter for Grace is that other people have said she did and said things of which she has no memory. Atwood has Grace piece together a story through questions, and the questions Grace asks do reveal some of that fateful Saturday’s events. Mr. Kinnear is the man who kisses her neck that night she sleepwalks outside. Nancy fires her, as a result of what she thinks is…

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