All Over but the Shoutin’ Chapters 30-33 Summary & Analysis

Rick Bragg

All Over but the Shoutin’

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All Over but the Shoutin’ Chapters 30-33 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 30 Summary: New York 

Bragg finds his true home with The New York Times: “…to say I searched for stories would be a lie.  New York hurled stories at you like Nolan Ryan throws fastballs.  All you have to do is catch them, and try not to get your head knocked off” (235).  Bragg has particular success writing about the owners of small stores, called bodegas, who arekilled during robberies.  “People told me it was a ‘real New York story,’ and I was proud of it’ (240). 

Chapter 31 Summary: Coming home 

Bragg gets a special assignment when a natural disaster hits his home-town.  A tornado destroyed a church in Piedmont, Alabama, and Bragg was the best person to cover the story. In the aftermath of the tornado, “The funerals lasted all week in the surrounding towns, and the obituaries filled an entire page in the local newspaper.  No one died.  People merely said God took them” (243). 

Chapter 32 Summary: Dining out with no money, and living with no life 

This chapter tells the story of a unique criminal:  Gangaram Mahes is a mostly homeless man who dines in restaurants even though he cannot pay the bill and goes to jail for the crime of “stealing” food.  He is one of Bragg’s favorite characters among the many he has written about. 

Chapter 33 Summary: Buying bodies, eating lobster 

Bragg goes back to Haiti and finds that “Not much had changed in three years.  The cruelties are still off the scale of sanity” (255).  This time, Bragg interviews American soldiers who have come to help pacify Haiti and aidthe survivors of the violence.  They are ordinary American boys who are overwhelmed by what they find there.  When one of them sees photographic evidence of murderand mutilations, he says, “’I knew they killed people…but I didn’t know they done that.’  He looks disgusted, like he needs to hit someone:  ‘I never seen nothing like that’” (263). 

Chapters 30-33 Analysis 

These chapters offer the reader insight into Bragg’s reporting, focusing on the variety of subjects he covered and his involvement in the stories he wrote.

His report on Haiti the…

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