All Over but the Shoutin’ Chapters 9-15 Summary & Analysis

Rick Bragg

All Over but the Shoutin’

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All Over but the Shoutin’ Chapters 9-15 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 9 Summary: On the wings of a great speckled bird 

Chapter 9 focuses on religion and faith.  It begins with a description of Bragg’s mother’s devotion to watching religious broadcasts on television.  She was part of a culture that supported the TV evangelists and believed in their message of redemption through faith.  This religious belief was one of the things that helped Bragg’s mother survive her difficult life.

Bragg himself tried, at age nine, to join the church-going community all around him.  He went to church with his cousins and listened intently to the preacher.  However, he never found the faith he sought.

Chapter 10 Summary: If you got to kill somebody, better it ain’t family

This chapter covers Bragg’s life from age ten to thirteen, when he spent much of his time reading books.  He was also active socially, with “a new girlfriend every year from first grade on” (96).  He got his first motorized vehicle, a moped that “would run sixty miles an hour on a straightway” (93), and he and his brother played basketball on the school team.

Chapter 11 Summary: Under a hateful sky

In this chapter, Bragg describes his summer job doing grunt work on a construction site for his Uncle Ed.  It was hard work in hot weather, and Bragg dreaded the end of school and the start of the summer and long workdays.

Chapter 12: Getting above your raising 

Bragg is reminded of his low status when his girlfriend comes to his house and sees how he and his mother live.  As a result,she breaks up with him because they are “too different” (106). 

Chapter 13 Summary: Fine qualities

Bragg’s father dies at the age of 41.  Bragg feels no grief, and he and his family do not go to the funeral.

Chapter 14 Summary: 100 miles per hour, upside down and sideways 

During the summer before his senior year in high school, Bragg got a fast car.  He had worked to save enoughmoney to buy what he really wanted.  However, he raced against another boy and crashed at high speed.  Miraculously, he survived the wreck without injury.

Chapter 15 Summary: The usual suspects


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