And the Mountains Echoed Chapter Four Summary & Analysis

Khaled Hosseini

And the Mountains Echoed

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And the Mountains Echoed Chapter Four Summary & Analysis

Chapter Four Summary

This chapter comes in the form of a letter addressed to Mr. Markos from Nabi. He uses Nila Wahdati as the bookend to his story. It essentially becomes a confession as to what led up to Pari’s “sale”, but it also outlines the divorce of Nila and Suleiman Wahdati and the years of service Nabi remained with Suleiman.

His first confession is of leaving his sisters in Shadbagh because he “pictured sisters…but also to escape” (75).
He cooked for Mr. Wahdati and was his chauffeur. He would drive him around the city often hours at a time and not do a lot. Nabi tells of a time he drove Suleiman to a house more elaborate and larger than his, and a beautiful woman stepped outside with him. Nabi watched from the car entranced by this beautiful woman. When Suleiman comes back to the car, he announces to Nabi that he is getting married.

Nabi witnesses the lurid gossip that surrounds the woman and though he chastises the gossipmongers for having no respect for Mr. Wahdati, he is still intrigued by all of the licentious details about the soon to be Mrs. Wahdati.

Nabi continues his story providing details of the unhappy marriage the Wahdatis had. They were quiet with each other and rarely spent time together. Nabi was still intrigued by the exquisite Nila and watches her every move. He readily enjoys driving her around Kabul just to spend time with her. “Nila pushed against every single notion ” (87). The conversations between Nila and Nabi grew in length and depth and Nila began complaining about her husband and his offhand arrogance and lack of adventure. It is…

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