And the Mountains Echoed Chapter Two Summary & Analysis

Khaled Hosseini

And the Mountains Echoed

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And the Mountains Echoed Chapter Two Summary & Analysis

Chapter Two Summary – Fall 1952

This chapter focuses on Abdullah as our narrator and he makes note that their father had never before hit Abdullah. Seeing Abdullah being struck about the ears quite forcefully by her father makes Pari (Abdullah’s little sister) cry. The father tells Abdullah to head home and walks away with Pari. Abdullah keeps following. They are walking to Kabul and Abdullah does not give in, so the father allows him to come along. Pari likes to collect feathers, and so when she spots one, her father dusts it off for her and gives it to her. Her most prized feather was a peacock feather that Abdullah traded his shoes for.

They have a stepmother (Parwana) that Abdullah wishes he “could love her as he had his own mother” (21). His mother died from childbirth, when Pari arrived. Parwana and Saboor had lost a two-week-old baby Omar, due to the cold. She and Saboor have one child together, their youngest child Iqbal. Abdullah believes that Parwana’s kindness to him is more like obligation than real love, like she has for her biological son, Iqbal. Abdullah notes, “It couldn’t be helped that he and his sister didn’t belong to her. They were another woman’s leftovers” (22).

While on the journey to Kabul, Abdullah climbs in the wagon with Pari. He remembers his mother as ever joyful. His father he notes “as different. Father had hardness in him. His eyes looked out on the same world as Mother’s had, and saw only indifference” (24). Because he sees Pari having similar qualities as his mother, he feels a very special connection with her feeling she was “the only true family he had” (24).

Uncle Nabi (Parwana’s brother) told Saboor of a job. Saboor was frequently looking for a labor job. This new job involved him working on construction of a wealthy man’s home in Kabul. Abdullah believes that his father blames himself for Omar’s death. If only Saboor had worked harder to provide a better home, Omar would not have died. Therefore, the search for work is his constant focus.

They stop for…

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