Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Chapters IX-XI Summary & Analysis

James L. Swanson

Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Chapters IX-XI Summary & Analysis

Chapter IX Summary

A few days of hiding in the wilderness took a toll on Booth, who had prepared for a rapid escape and was poorly outfitted in a suit. Herold and Booth were unable to perform much in the way of hygiene, making them look more like fugitives. They were also demoralized that Powell surrendered, and that their heroic deeds had not caught fire and provoked a new Southern uprising.

Booth was also surprised to see that an article he had written and entrusted to a friend for submission had not appeared; as it turned out, the panicked friend had burned the letter. Booth immediately responded to the absence of his letter by writing an explanation of the assassination’s intent in a date book. Meanwhile, John Surratt was shocked to see a report identifying him among the assassins. Samuel Mudd finally received a visit from an officer tracking down old leads. Mudd stood firm to evade their suspicions, but did include information that some unknown men matching the fugitives’ descriptions had rested briefly at his farm. According to Swanson, the investigating lieutenant made a mental note that he would arrest Mudd soon, as the officer assumed he had committed some wrongdoing.

April 19 was the day of Lincoln’s funeral. His funeral procession was dramatic, drawn by six white horses and attended by thousands of mourners. But the investigation continued to proceed all the while: the house of Booth’s sister, Asia Booth Clarke, was raided for anything belonging to or pertaining to her brother. On April 20, the search closed in on Atzerodt, about whom suspicions had been reported to the authorities. He was found at the home of Hartmann Richter, who briefly tried to deceive the pursuers that Atzerodt was not there. Atzerodt confessed the entirety of plot, providing the authorities with concrete leads. Stanton posted a massive $100,000 reward for the capture of Booth, Herold, and John Surratt.

Chapter X Summary

On April 20, Thomas Jones witnessed a large group of man hunters leaving to pursue the fugitives in another county. Knowing the time was ripe, he went to visit Booth and…

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