City of Thieves Chapters 7-10 Summary & Analysis

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City of Thieves

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City of Thieves Chapters 7-10 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 7 Summary

Lev and Kolya arrive at the home of Sonya, Kolya’s friend, who welcomes them warmly and sympathizes with Lev over the loss of his home and friends. After some flirtatious banter between Kolya and Sonya, they are invited into the sitting room where they meet six more of Sonya’s friends – doctors and nurses who have been trying to save bombing victims. They tell Lev that a few people survived the bombing of the Kirov.

Lev sleeps on the sitting room floor with the other visitors, while Kolya spends the night with Sonya in her bedroom. Lev is lonely and extremely envious of Kolya’s popularity with women.

Chapter 8 Summary

The next morning sees Lev and Kolya investigating the market vendor’s incredulous claim that an old man near the Narva Gate has chickens. After waiting outside the locked building, they are extremely surprised when two girls arrive and tell them that the chickens really do exist. As Kolya charms the girls into letting them into the building, Lev once again seethes with envy at Kolya’s seductive effect on women. At the same time he is haunted with grief over the fate of his neighbors in the Kirov.

When Lev and Kolya reach the roof, they do indeed find a chicken coop, but inside is a haunting scene – the dead body of an old man, empty nesting boxes and a young boy who is still alive but so malnourished and cold that he is probably only hours from death. He refuses food, but when they discover one remaining chicken alive inside the boy’s coat, he offers it for free. Lev and Kolya try to persuade the boy to come downstairs with them, but he refuses to move, so they take the chicken and reluctantly leave the boy to die.

Chapter 9 Summary

Back at Sonya’s apartment, the chicken is named Darling, kept warm and offered food, which it refuses. They realize it is barely alive and unlikely to lay any eggs at all, let alone twelve eggs by the deadline on Thursday.

While they ponder how to look after the chicken, the playwright Gerasimov…

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