City of Thieves Important Quotes

David Benioff

City of Thieves

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City of Thieves Important Quotes

1. “As siege-hardened as I was before my arrest, the truth was that I had no more courage in January than I had in June – contrary to popular belief, the experience of terror does not make you braver. Perhaps, though, it is easier to hide your fear when you’re afraid all the time.” (Chapter 2, p.29)

2. “The fierce souls who survived winter after winter in Siberia possessed something I did not, great faith in some splendid destiny, whether God’s kingdom or justice or the distant promise of revenge. Or maybe they were so beaten down they became nothing more than animals on their hind legs, working at their masters’ command …. and dreaming of nothing but the end.” (Chapter 2, p.30)

3. “There was nothing behind Kolya’s blue eyes, neither fear nor anger nor excitement about the prospect of a fight – nothing. This, I came to learn, was his gift: danger made him calm.” (Chapter 5, p.75)

4. “You couldn’t let too much truth seep into your conversation, you couldn’t admit with your mouth what your eyes had seen …. You kept your mind on the tasks of the day, the hunt for food and water and something to burn, and you saved the rest for the end of the war.” (Chapter 6, pp.93-4)

5. “We walked away from the Kirov’s remnants and I could not hear my footsteps. I had become a phantom. There was no one left in the city who knew my full name. I felt no great misery for myself, just a kind of dull curiosity that I still seemed to be alive ….” (Chapter 6, p.103).

6. “When the police took my father, I had been a dumb boy, unable to understand how a man – that wilful, brilliant man – could cease to exist at the snap of an unseen bureaucrat’s fingers, as if he were nothing but cigarette smoke exhaled by a bored sentry in a watchtower in Siberia …” (Chapter 8, p.122)

7. “Kolya was a braggart, a know-it-all, a Jew-baiting Cossack, but his confidence was so pure and complete it no longer seemed…

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