Copper Sun Chapters 25-27 Summary & Analysis

Sharon Draper

Copper Sun

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Copper Sun Chapters 25-27 Summary & Analysis

Part Six: Polly 

Chapter 25 Summary: Birth of the Baby 

Two weeks have passed, and Mr. Derby comes to Teenie’s home to ask where Lena or Flora is. Mrs. Derby is about ready to give birth and needs some assistance. Derby orders Polly and Amari to come along. Polly has no experience (although she doesn’t let Derby know), but Amari does. Noah has already been sent to fetch the doctor.

When they arrive, Mrs. Derby is in a lot of pain. Alone, she tells the girls that she “will die, but must save the baby” (167). They try to make Isabelle comfortable and prepare blankets and hot water. Amari and Polly are in for a shock when the baby girl, “with bright green eyes like her mother,” is black (168).

Chapter 26 Summary: Facing Mr. Derby 

All Amari can say is “Black baby. White mama. Big trouble!” (169) Mrs. Derby passes out, and Amari and Polly struggle with what to do. Polly “felt…mild disgust, at the very least” about the whole situation (169). She runs to Teenie for help.

As soon as Teenie sees the baby girl she knows “it be Noah” (170). Mrs. Derby revives to ask about her baby and is happy at the baby’s health and beauty, but she says she needs to try and explain something before she dies because “ hide her for now” (172). Tidbit runs…

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