Copper Sun Essay Topics

Sharon Draper

Copper Sun

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Copper Sun Essay Topics

1. The copper sun is the novel’s central metaphor. What is its purpose in the novel? How does it reflect not only the environment but also Amari’s perceptions?

2. It can be argued that Polly starts out as Amari’s foil but then becomes more parallel (similar) to her as the story develops. Outline her character’s development. What is Polly’s overall purpose in the novel?

3. Are the small acts of kindness that Amari experiences throughout her journey the only things that keep her alive? Discuss why or why not.

4. One of Draper’s central themes in the novel is the importance of seeing another person’s perspective in order to develop empathy. Which characters demonstrate this truth most effectively?

5. Draper uses a lot of irony in this novel. How does her use of irony help develop the novel’s major themes?

6. According to Polly, “freedom is a delicate idea…it’s hard to catch and may…

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