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Wendy Mass

11 Birthdays: A Wish Novel

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2009

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Chapters 19-24Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 19 Summary

Amanda is happy to find the periodic table, which she put in her pocket as she slept, has survived the reset. She rushes onto the bus, but Angelina is not driving. At school, Amanda rushes to tell Leo that Angelina is associated with the enchantment; she is sometimes the bus driver and sometimes not.

At lunch, Amanda waits for the distressed boy and gives him the copy of the periodic table she made the night before. He is confused but grateful.

Hoping for answers from Angelina, Amanda and Leo go to the historical society after school, but it is closed and locked. They sneak in by opening a window at the back of the building. They search it and eventually find Leo’s great-great-grandfather’s journal hidden at the back of his old desk.

Chapter 20 Summary

Leo and Amanda hide from a group of Girl Scouts who have come for a tour; the Girl Scout group is upset about the closure. They leave an angry message on the answering machine, which Leo and Amanda hear as they hide behind a couch. Leo and Amanda look through Leonard Fitzpatrick’s journal.