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Wendy Mass

11 Birthdays: A Wish Novel

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2009

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Important Quotes

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“The oddest thing about Angelina D’Angelo was that no one could remember a time when she didn’t live in Willow Falls.”

(Chapter 1, Page 1)

Angelina’s status as a magical being, able to exist outside of the usual laws of time, is established in the exposition. This passage also alludes to the role of Magic and Fate and to Angelina’s role in the enchantment that affects Leo and Amanda.

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“‘Being born on the same day is very special. I believe Amanda and Leo will be the best of friends.’ She said this very confidently. ‘You will be sure to celebrate this day together every year, no? The day of their birth?’”

(Chapter 1, Page 3)

Angelina initiates the tradition that Leo and Amanda share their birthdays. Her confidence that they’ll be best friends and her odd recommendation suggest that Magic and Fate, and the enchantment, will play a role in their lives.

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“What I really want to say is, If you’re my best friend you’d tell me to try out for the marching band instead. But we both know that would never happen. Besides the fact that the marching band is considered uncool, I’ve never played my drums anywhere other than my own basement.”

(Chapter 3, Pages 9-10)

This passage connects to the theme Friendship, Rejection, and Fitting In. Amanda has always been drawn to playing the drums and to music in general and secretly wants to play drums in the marching band, but she feels pressure to try out for the gymnastics team instead because gymnastics is considered cooler. The more authentic choice is for her to audition for the marching band rather than the gymnastics team. Through the enchantment, Amanda learns the importance of being her authentic self rather than following others so she’ll be more popular.