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The following materials bring books to life and support both individual and group literature study. Use these resources to draw real-world connections, plan interdisciplinary lessons, inspire unique research projects, create enrichment activities, and support differentiated instruction.

Books & Articles

In this award-winning best-seller published in 2016 by Profile Books, English classicist Mary Beard provides an accessible and overarching view of ancient Rome.

Oxford historian Philip Hardie explores the ancient, medieval and modern ripples of the Aeneid in literature, music, politics, the visual arts and film in this 2008 publication.

A playful and thought-provoking May 2018 analysis of the Aeneid in online fashion magazine Bustle.

New Yorker writer Daniel Mendelsohn digs into the Aeneid’s context and authorship to examine the epic poem’s political stance.

Videos & Podcasts

This podcast created by the U.K.’s University of Warwick looks at the sweeping and small human struggles represented in classic poetry, and the average human’s part in these tales.

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