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How to use

This flexible-use quiz is designed for reading comprehension assessment and activity needs in classroom, home-schooling and other settings. Questions connect to the text’s plot, characters, and themes — and align with the content and chapter organization in the rest of this study guide. Use quizzes as pre-reading hooks, reading checks, discussion starters, entrance/exit “tickets,” small group activities, writing activities, and lessons on finding evidence and support in a text.

Depth of Knowledge Levels: Questions require respondents to demonstrate ability to: 

  1. Recall and Understand Content (e.g., who, what, where, when) 
  2. Apply and Analyze Ideas (e.g., how and why)

Books 1-2

1. Which event is recounted first in Aeneid?

A) the burning of Troy

B) the gift of the horse

C) the storm that destroys the fleet*

D) the meeting of Dido and Aeneas

2. Who is Aeneas’s mother? 

A) Venus*

B) Juno

C) Dido

D) Achate

3. Why does Dido help the Trojans? 

A) She wishes revenge on the Greeks.

B) She understands the experience of exile.*

C) She wants Aeneas to fall in love with her.

D) She plans to trap the Trojans.

4. Why did the Trojans bring the wooden horse into their city? 

A) Sinon convinces them it is a tribute to Minerva, who will be displeased if it is destroyed.*

B) Laocoon distrusts the Greeks in general but believes this specific gift is genuine.

C) The Trojans are too busy with celebrating their victory to suspect the gift is a trap.

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