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Anna Todd

After We Collided

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2013

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Chapters 21-39

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 21 Summary: “Tessa”

Trevor and Tessa have an enjoyable date, but when Trevor attempts to kiss her, Tessa refuses. The following day, Tessa and Kimberly go shopping while the men attend to business. Back home, Tessa pays for another two days at the motel. She’s surprised to find her car parked in the lot and even more surprised to find Hardin has left a birthday gift in the car, an e-reader loaded with books the two of them have discussed in the past.

Chapter 22 Summary: “Tessa”

Tessa wakes late in the afternoon on her birthday and is happy to see well-wishing texts on her phone from many of her friends. She calls her mother and tells her she’s sick, and then settles in with the e-reader and Chinese takeout. Hardin doesn’t call or text, prompting Tessa to compare him to Trevor. Landon comes by. He says that Hardin loves Tessa, but “love doesn’t always go hand in hand with common sense” (116). Still, Landon admits that Hardin came to him for advice on his relationship with Tessa and reveals that Hardin didn’t actually sleep with Molly. When Landon learns that Tessa plans to stay at the motel for Christmas, he suggests she come to his home—his mother probably bought her a gift.

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