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Anna Todd

After We Collided

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2013

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Symbols & Motifs

Tessa’s Copy of Pride and Prejudice

One of the few things Hardin and Tessa have in common is their interest in literature as English majors. At the beginning of their relationship, they often discussed and compared their thoughts on classic romance novels, such as Pride and Prejudice. For Hardin’s birthday, Tessa gives him a copy of the book that includes passages she has highlighted. For Hardin, these highlighted passages offer insight into Tessa’s feelings on their relationship and illustrate differences in their opinions on marriage. Hardin is not interested in marriage because all he knows of marriage is his parents’ wildly horrific experience. Tessa, despite her own dysfunctional home life, doesn’t see the point in a relationship if there is no hope of marriage sometime in the future. Pride and Prejudice becomes a symbol of their disconnection.

Tessa’s Baggage

Each time Tessa and Hardin have an argument, Tessa packs her bags and leaves. In the beginning of the novel, Tessa packs her bags because she learns about the bet Hardin had with Zed on who would take Tessa’s virginity. The second time she packs her bags, she leaves Hardin again to spend Christmas with her mother, only to quickly return to Hardin after arguing with her mother over her father’s return to Washington.

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