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Emma Straub

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Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2020

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Chapter 36-EpilogueChapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 36 Summary: “Astrid is Ready”

Astrid drops by to see Elliot. She is bothered by their ongoing separation. She apologizes to him for the way she handled the phone call from Barbara Baker about Elliot with a boy. Elliot claims he doesn’t remember any of it.

Chapter 37 Summary: “Couples Massage”

Porter calls Jeremy and breaks up with him. Then, she calls Rachel to tell her she has a plan. Porter brings Rachel to a masseuse parlor for a pregnant couples massage and apologizes to her.

Chapter 38 Summary: “Parents Come Home”

Cecelia helps Astrid and Birdie prepare materials for a petition that would advocate for small businesses in Clapham. The doorbell rings and Cecelia answers it, surprised to tears to find her parents. Juliette and Nicky cuddle Cecelia as she drifts off to sleep. When they think she’s asleep, Nicky talks about how much he hates Katherine’s parents and how he wishes he had done more to stand up for Cecelia. Cecelia falls asleep happy that her parents have come back for her.

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