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Emma Straub

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Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2020

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Chapters 27-35

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 27 Summary: “Wendy Asks for a Hand”

Porter starts wondering about Kristen, Jeremy’s wife. She drives past Jeremy’s house to investigate, but what exactly she’s investigating, she’s not sure. Porter is surprised when Wendy invites her to lunch; they don’t usually spend time together, and certainly not at a Clapham restaurant. Wendy asks Porter to be the legal guardian for Wendy’s twins if Wendy and Elliot were both to die. Porter is moved by Wendy’s belief in her and agrees. Then, Wendy tells Porter about the building Elliot bought. As the two women look out the window to look at the building, Porter sees Jeremy playing with his children by the gazebo. Wendy confides in Porter that she wants Elliot to talk to Astrid about what to do with the building because Astrid knows everything about the town and genuinely loves Clapham. Elliot is resistant, and Wendy wants Porter to help convince Elliot to include their mother.

As Porter returns to her car, she passes Jeremy and his kids and stops to say hello. Jeremy’s daughter is Sidney, the queen bee of Cecelia’s junior high school.

Chapter 28 Summary: “August Tells the Truth, Part Two”

Cecelia and Robin (August) have fun painting the parade float. Cecelia contemplates how she constantly tries to be the kind of girl who doesn’t cause problems.