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John Boyne

All the Broken Places

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2022

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Part 3, Chapter 10-Author’s NoteChapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 3: “The Final Solution (London 2022, London 1953)”

Part 3, Chapter 10 Summary

Gretel is ready to go home from the hospital, and David, though they’re not married, invites her to move in with him. The idea excites her, but she must tell him about her past. David claims nothing she says will make him break up with her.

Dr. Harket tells Gretel that she’s pregnant. He thinks she might have thrown herself into the bus to terminate the pregnancy. Gretel denies the charge—she didn’t know she was pregnant. Dr. Harket says she has been carrying a baby for a few months—there’s still time for David to marry and make her an “honest woman.” Dr. Harket offers to tell David for Gretel, concerned that David might start screaming at her. Gretel rejects the doctor’s offer.

Part 3, Chapter 11 Summary

Gretel plans to confront Alex, but Madelyn answers the door. She feels better; per Alex’s suggestion, she might get a pill organizer so she doesn’t overdose again. Alex also says that Madelyn talks too much and doesn’t think before she speaks.

Henry appears wearing a t-shirt with a graphic of the cover of Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in Eighty Days (1873). He also has a black eye. Madelyn says it’s from sleepwalking, and she orders Henry to go to his room, but he stays and talks to Gretel about Verne.