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Emily Giffin

All We Ever Wanted

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2018

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Chapters 13-18Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 13 Summary: “Lyla”

Tom tells Lyla that Finch and Nina will be coming over the next day. She focuses on the laundry her father left for her to fold, which is unusual. She believes that their meeting tomorrow will be awkward and painful, which causes another argument between them.

She thinks about how her mother left in the middle of the night, and recognizes that her mother “was a master at painting herself as the victim” even in their conversations together (159). Lyla and Tom discuss his conversation with Nina. He questions if Lyla is ashamed of their house when she asks why Nina and Finch are coming to them. She tries to tell him that she needs empathy for not wanting to talk about the picture or to see Finch. Tom does not believe Finch deserves forgiveness. Lyla tries to defend Finch, which confuses Tom.

The next day Lyla and Grace talk on the phone to find an outfit for Lyla to wear before Finch and Nina come over. At Lyla and Tom’s, Finch asks to speak to Lyla alone. Nina and Tom go outside to give them privacy.

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