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Emily Giffin

All We Ever Wanted

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2018

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Content Warning: This novel contains scenes relating to non-consensual sharing of sexual photos, sexual assault, racism, alcohol misuse disorder, and attempted suicide.

“I smiled, thinking that it had been a while, and resisted the urge to tell him that he might want to slow down on the booze. Kirk didn’t have a drinking problem, but it was a rare night that he didn’t at least catch a red-wine buzz.”

(Chapter 1, Page 6)

At the beginning of the novel, Nina contemplates what her life looks like and how she feels about it. She is in denial about Kirk’s flaws, foreshadowing her eventual shift when she comes to recognize them. In this moment, she wants to feel as though her marriage and life are perfect despite her insecurities and any problems she has with Kirk. However, Nina’s tone illustrates that she is attempting to convince herself of this.

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“At first glance, all I saw was a girl lying on her back on a bed, mostly dressed or at least far from naked, and I felt a small wave of relief. But as I peered more closely, I saw the details.”

(Chapter 3, Page 25)

During this moment, Nina undergoes several different emotions in a short time. Although she tries to feel relieved at the fact that Lyla is not completely naked in the picture, Giffin shows the gravity of the situation. There is an element of suspense that propels the reader forward, created by the mystery of the photo.

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“‘I’m a carpenter,’ I said, staring down at my thumbs as I tapped them on the bar. I braced myself for that look.”

(Chapter 4, Page 36)

As a young man, Tom felt insecure about his economic status. This contrasts with his viewpoint later in life, when he is not ashamed of his career choice. In the above quote, Tom reflects on his younger self and depicts how it affected his dating life. The quote also provides details about how Tom and Beatriz’s relationship developed, providing

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