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Judith Ortiz Cofer

American History

Fiction | Short Story | Adult | Published in 1993

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Exam Questions

Multiple Choice and Long Answer questions create ideal opportunities for whole-book review, unit exam, or summative assessments.

Multiple Choice

1. Which scenario best shows the theme of Racism and Ethnic Discrimination?

A) Elena isn't allowed in honors classes because English isn't her first language, despite straight A's.

B) Elena is given the nickname "Skinny Bones."

C) Elana doesn’t feel sad about the president's assassination.

D) Mr. DePalma calls his students losers.

2. What do the flowers of the old woman who lived in Eugene's house symbolize?

A) An escape from her home and marriage

B) The love and care the woman put into her home and marriage

C) The desire to hold onto a Paterson that existed before the demographics changed

D) Foreshadowing of President Kennedy's assassination

3. "El Building was like a monstrous jukebox, blasting out salsas from open windows as the residents" is an example of which kind of figurative language? (Paragraph 1)

A) Hyperbole

B) Allegory

C) Onomatopoeia

D) Simile

4. The author uses juxtaposition to illustrate which of the following concepts?

A) The complexity of Elena’s internal and external experiences

B) The wealth disparity in Paterson

C) The racism and ethnic discrimination in Paterson

D) Elena’s hope for the future with Eugene

5. Which of the following best illustrates the theme of Changing Demographics in Northern Communities?