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Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among the Impostors

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2001

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Character Analysis

Luke Garner

Luke Garner is the main character of Among the Impostors. He is the youngest of three children. Under the current government, Luke’s existence is illegal under the Population Law, and as one of the “shadow children” (3), he must either live in hiding or with a fake identity to survive. Luke longs for a society in which third children are free and he doesn’t “have to go around pretending to be someone else anymore” (32). Luke has been deeply impacted by the death of his best friend, Jen Talbot, who died leading a rally for third children. Luke loyally continues to hold Jen’s bravery and heroism in the highest regard. In his early weeks at Hendricks, he is fearful and uncertain, referring to himself as an impostor, but he gradually finds his courage. Luke’s allegiance to Jen and his family helps his development at the school, building his confidence and courage.

Lee Grant

Lee Grant is the new identity given to Luke Garner so that he doesn’t have to hide from the Population Police. While Luke comes from the country, Lee is a “filthy-rich city boy” (7) who is indifferent about the reality of life as a third child. He wears “Baron clothes” (9), formal looking attire that displays his family’s wealth.