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Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among the Impostors

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2001

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Identity, Self, and Duplicity

Identity serves as the most important factor that many literally live and die by in Among the Impostors. Nearly every major character in the book has at least two identities that often work against one another, highlighting the duplicity within the society. One identity is usually kept hidden, creating conflicts for the characters and with others, as they must be careful not to reveal their alternate identity to the wrong people. Luke Garner struggles to accept his new identity as Lee Grant because they are different people. Luke is an illegal third child who grew up modestly on a farm, while Lee was legal and grew up wealthy in the city. Luke feels that by pretending to be Lee, he is unable to be true to himself and internalizes society’s view of him as an impostor. Mr. Hendricks tells Luke that his “father—the father listed on your school records—is a very important man,” meaning Lee Grant’s father. In maintaining his own identity, Luke forcefully responds that he’s not his father, “And I’m not Lee Grant” (166). Luke also discovers that the notes in his files as Lee Grant have all been faked, revealing another level of deception.