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Tomás Rivera

And The Earth Did Not Devour Him

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1971

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“Research Product: Protection Mechanisms for Migrant Workers”

In this activity, students will research labor conditions and protection mechanisms for migrant workers in a country of their choice.

In 2022, the Biden Administration released the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection between the American continents. This declaration is one of many regional and international forms of protection aimed at protecting the rights of migrant workers; however, despite the attention of the international community on the necessity of protection mechanisms, migrant workers continue to face a variety of difficulties in host countries.

In this Activity, you will construct a research product (such as slides, an infographic, a series of visual aids, or a paper) on one country that imports migrant workers and examine the country’s protocol on protecting the foreign workforce. Use the following questions to guide your research:

  • How many foreign workers migrate to this country every year? What are the countries of origin of these migrant workers?
  • For how many years has this country encouraged workers to migrate?
  • Are these workers seasonal and/or dependent on a specific industry?
  • Does this country have any bilateral agreements with other countries regarding special arrangements for migrant workers?
  • Is this country a state party to any regional and/or international declarations regarding migrant worker rights?
  • Does this country have strong labor laws nationally?
  • Are all migrant workers protected? Or does the country make distinctions between “legal” and “illegal” migrants?
  • How are the labor conditions in this country? Do these conditions compare with the conditions presented in the novel?