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Tomás Rivera

And The Earth Did Not Devour Him

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1971

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Exam Answer Key

Multiple Choice

1. C (Chapter 3)

2. D (Chapter 4)

3. B (Various chapters)

4. B (Chapter 5)

5. B (Various chapters)

6. C (Chapter 6)

7. D (Chapter 7)

8. D (All chapters)

9. A (Various chapters)

10. C (Chapter 11)

11. A (Vignette 11)

12. A (Chapter 13)

13. A (Chapter 7)

14. B (Chapter 12)

15. A (Vignette 13)

Long Answer

1. The majority of the novel’s content is dialogue, whether this dialogue is a monologue/inner dialogue with oneself (e.g., the narrator’s chapters, the prayer of the woman for her son) or as a conversation between two characters (i.e., telling stories about the boy who was shot or the man who died by suicide). This style of delivering information allows for the reader to learn information as if they were overhearing gossip, as opposed to being told in a didactic format by the author. (All chapters and vignettes)

2. The novel alternates between chapters and vignettes. While the chapter provides the central storyline, the vignettes offer a slight digression that often provides a dichotomy to the preceding chapter.