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Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1939

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Answer Key

Chapters 1-3

Reading Check

1. Owen (Chapter 1)

2. Soldier Island (Chapter 1)

3. “Ten Little Soldier Boys” (Chapter 2)

4. Glass soldiers (Chapter 3)

5. Murder (Chapter 3)

6. Swan Song (Chapter 3)

7. Private investigator (Chapter 3)

Short Answer

1. Each of the characters has something in their past that they either feel guilty about or have gotten away with. All the characters seem to want to escape something they have done. None of the characters have met the Owens. (Various Chapters)

2. Dr. Armstrong remembers that Justice Wargrave is quick to convict for crimes. (Chapter 2)

Chapters 4-6

Reading Check

1. Poison (Chapter 5)

2. One of the soldier figurines (Chapter 5)

3. Mrs. Rogers (Chapter 6)

4. The motorboat (Chapter 6)

5. Eight (Chapter 6)

Short Answer

1. Anthony is described as young, vivacious, god-like, and indestructible. He is the first to die and his death creates a foreboding in the characters as they realize none of the guests are safe. (Various Chapters)