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Answer Key

Scene 1 and 1st Ode

Reading Check

1. That it is illegal to bury the body of Polyneikes, Antigone and Ismene’s brother (Scene 1)

2. She believes it is important to respect the law, especially since she and Antigone are women. (Scene 1)

3. “The law of the gods” (Scene 1), which relates to the theme of God and Man’s Law

4. Keep Antigone’s plan a secret (Scene 1)

5. Polyneikes’s attack on the city of Thebes (Scene 1)

Short-Answer Response

1. Oedipus is the father of Antigone. Prior to this play, he unknowingly killed the man who was his father and married a woman who was his mother, thereby becoming king of Thebes. He left Thebes after learning what he had done, leaving the crown to his two sons, who fought over the throne and ultimately killed each other. (Scene 1)

2. Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus. She believes it is important to bury her brother, even though it is against the law. Her sister, Ismene, disagrees with her and believes it is more important to follow the law. (Scene 1)