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Exam Answer Key

Multiple Choice

1. A (Scene 1)

2. C (Scene 1)

3. D (Scene 2)

4. D (Scene 2)

5. B (Scene 3)

6. B (Scene 3)

7. C (Scene 4)

8. A (Scene 4) (Youth and Age)

9. C (Scene 5)

10. A (Scene 5)

11. D (Scene 6)

12. B (Scene 7)

13. C (Scene 8)

14. C (Scenes 1-8)

15. B (Scene 8)

Long-Answer Response

1. The Chorus serves as the voice of the non-ruling family, particularly by providing context to the story. Originally, the Chorus supports Kreon. However, their opinion shifts and they side with Antigone, as well as convincing Kreon to try to save her.

2. Antigone is a Greek tragedy because it follows this formula: the protagonist, who attempts to do a good deed, succumbs to a difficult circumstance, which ultimately leads to their demise. Antigone is the protagonist, who nobly fights to bury her brother’s body, only for this to lead to her tragic death.