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Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones & The Six

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2019

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The Unsustainability of the Famous, Fast Lifestyle

The plot of this novel tracks the rapid rise to fame Daisy Jones & The Six experience. In a music industry notoriously filled with drug use, musicians are expected to stay up through all hours of the night performing day after day. This fast lifestyle is one that the characters chase, but it also leads to the deterioration of the band. Hard partying and endless concerts sound like the makings of a seducing life, but it is not a sustainable one.

Billy Dunne finds himself in the fast lifestyle of quick fame when The Six tour for the first time. His drug habits evolve into overabundant consumption, and every night the band performs, Billy takes drugs, drinks copious amounts of alcohol, and cheats on his pregnant wife with multiple women. It is a life Billy is ashamed of, but also one that he believes is his destiny, a life that comes with the territory of being a rock star. Billy must reckon with his drug abuse early in the narrative of The Six to survive through the next albums and tours, but the pull of fame and partying never leaves him.