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Elizabeth Acevedo

Family Lore

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2023

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Character Analysis

Flor Marte

Flor Marte is a primary character in Family Lore. She is the daughter of Mamá Silvia and Papá Susano, the younger sister of Samuel and Matilde, and the older sister of Pastora and Camila. She is also the mother of Ona and was married to Pedro, with whom she emigrated to America from the Dominican Republic; he later caused her financial grief through alcoholism. Like many other Marte women, Flor has a magical gift—foresight of deaths and other events through dreams. Upon dreaming of her own death, she plans a living wake without informing loved ones of the dream. For most of her childhood, she was raised with the intent of becoming a nun—and perhaps a saint. However, Flor meddled with Pastora’s future by saving her from their aunt La Vieja [Redacted], and thus deviated from this path. Young Flor often felt disconnected from emotions other than fear, but grounded herself with love for distant cousin Nazario, then Ona.

Matilde Marte

Matilde Marte is a primary character. She is the daughter of Mamá Silvia and Papá Susano, the younger sister of Samuel, and the older sister of Flor, Pastora, and Camila. She wants children but miscarried five times.