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Alan Gratz


Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2018

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Exam Answer Key

Multiple Choice

1. B (Various chapters)

2. C (Chapter 6)

3. D (Chapter 8)

4. A (Various chapters)

5. C (Chapter 14)

6. B (Various chapters)

7. A (Chapter 16)

8. C (Various chapters)

9. A (Various chapters)

10. D (Chapter 21)

11. C (Chapter 23)

12. A (Chapter 26)

13. B (Various chapters)

14. A (Various chapters)

15. D (Chapter 43)

Long Answer Response

1. This novel is written in a third-person narrative style. Chapters 1-23 in Part 1 alternate between the two protagonists of Hideki and Ray, with Chapter 23 following both protagonists as their words collide before Hideki kills Ray. Part 2 follows only Hideki. While Hideki and Ray view the opposition as their relative antagonist, Gratz is making the larger point that war in general is the antagonist. (All chapters)

2. Gratz’s novel takes place in 1945 on the Japanese-controlled island of Okinawa. This setting is crucial for the plot, as the island suffers from the war of two opposing powers, neither of which is related to the Okinawan people, way-of-life, or customs. (All chapters)