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Tana French

In the Woods

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2007

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Chapters 22-24Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 22 Summary

Late that night, Cassie calls Rob at home. She says it’s important, but he hangs up on her. When he arrives at work the next day, O’Kelly reads him the riot act. The boss has learned about Rob’s past and says the detective should have excused himself from the Devlin case.

The ramifications are major. If Rob is accused of withholding evidence, every felon who he’s ever put in jail can demand a retrial. Rob assumes he’s now off the Devlin case, but O’Kelly doesn’t want to call attention to the situation. He forbids Rob from actively involving himself in the investigation and will suspend him the minute Damien’s trial is over.

When Rob encounters Cassie in the incident room, he accuses her of tattling to O’Kelly. Cassie denies revealing his secret and says she called the night before to warn him. Cassie is furious at the accusation. She hurls a videotape at Rob, ordering him to watch it.

The tape is of Rosalind’s interview. The girl wants to talk to Rob instead of Cassie. When she’s told she can’t, she accuses Cassie of jealousy and suggests she has been sleeping with Rob. Undeterred, Cassie presses on. Rosalind says she prefers Rob because he has a special connection to her sister’s case.