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Jon Krakauer

Into The Wild

Nonfiction | Biography | Adult | Published in 1996

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Exam Answer Key

Multiple Choice

1. B (Chapter 16)

2. A (Chapter 14)

3. B (Chapter 4)

4. B (Various chapters)

5. D (Chapter 5)

6. B (Chapter 6)

7. B (Various chapters)

8. D (Chapter 7)

9. A (Chapter 8)

10. C (Chapter 9)

11. A (Chapter 10)

12. B (Various chapters)

13. A (Chapter 13)

14. D (Chapter 15)

15. B (Chapter 17)

Long Answer

1. This suggests that Chris was ready to rejoin society as he neared death and had hopes for a joyful and meaningful life. It also confirms Krakauer’s thesis that McCandless was a person filled with life, joy, and love for the natural world and that he was not mentally unstable or suicidal. (Various chapters)

2. Krakauer and McCandless were both adventurous young men, eager to escape the authority of their fathers. Both looked to nature to make their declaration of freedom. Additionally, they shared a love of the outdoors, challenging themselves, and taking risks. (Various chapters)