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Jon Krakauer

Into The Wild

Nonfiction | Biography | Adult | Published in 1996

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Reading Questions & Paired Texts

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Author’s Note-Chapter 3

Reading Check

1. What year did Chris McCandless journey into the Alaskan wilderness?

2. With whom does “Alex” hitchhike to Denali National Park?

3. According to the autopsy report, how did Chris die?

Short Answer

Answer each question in at least 1 complete sentence. Incorporate details from the text to support your response.

1. Why does the couple standing outside the bus look afraid when the hunters arrive?

2. What does Wayne Westerberg discover while reviewing Alex’s tax forms? Why is this discovery significant?

Paired Resource

Believe It or Not, There are Challenges to Growing Up Wealthy

  • This article from CNN addresses specific challenges children of the wealthy face, including pressure to succeed. Additionally, the research shows that these children are more likely to suffer drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and anxiety than the national average.
  • This connects to the theme of Travel As a Mode of Spiritual Pilgrimage.
  • In what ways did Chris’s experiences as a child of wealthy parents impact his decision to make a pilgrimage into the wild?

Chapters 4-6

Reading Check

1. What does Chris do with his last $123?

2. Where does Chris work in Bullhead City, Arizona?