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Lady Audley’s Secret

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Lady Audley’s Secret Volume 1: Chapters 6-10 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 6 Summary: Anywhere, Anywhere Out of the Word 

Upon finding that Helen’s father, Mr. Maldon, has not returned to the cottage, George and Robert search for him. They find him at the beach with George’s young son.

Mr. Maldon laments the fact that George had not arrived a week earlier, and George responds that if he had, then he would not have let Helen die. The old man looks at him helplessly and Robert observes that he seems almost afraid of George.

When George introduces himself tothe boy as his father, the child replies that he does not know him. George says that he will leave the child inhis grandfather’s care, and Mr. Maldon asks why. George replies that he is returning to Australia.

When George asks the landlady whether Helen died in poverty, she replies that Helen “wanted for nothing” (44). George is relieved, though puzzled as to where Helen’s father found sufficient money.

The next day, a document is drawn up appointing Robert guardian of George’s son. Robert arguesthat he is not suited to such a role, but George says that he trusts him to ensure that the boy is cared for. However, George misses the shipsailing from Liverpool, so hereturns to London to stay with Robert. Robert tries to raise George’s spirits but George remains despondent; he must wait a month before the next ship sails to Australia.

Robert then suggests that George spend the winter in St. Petersburg with him and a barrister friend. George is unresponsive at first but ultimately consents.

Robert writes to Alicia to inform her of the situation, and she replies that Robert is cruel to run away. Nevertheless, she tells Robert that he may bring George to Audley Court.

Chapter 7 Summary: After a Year

For the first year of widowhood, George remains desolate and says that he will carry the burden of Helen’s death to his grave.

When Robert invites George to join him at Audley Court, George declines. As it happens, though, neither is able to attend: a letter from Alicia informs them that Lady Audley is currently too ill to entertain visitors. Even so,…

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