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Lady Audley’s Secret

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Lady Audley’s Secret Volume 2: Chapters 6-10 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 6 Summary: George’s Letters

Robert is thinking about how pleasant life is. If Clara had only been five minutes later when running out to stop him, he would have thought her cold and aloof. Now he knows that she is noble and beautiful, and wonders what impact their meeting will have on his life.

Robert dines at a luxurious restaurant but is preoccupied. He is glad to act on Clara’s behalf rather than of his own volition, and starts thinking about women: how they do not merely go along with the flow of life but are assertive, stubborn, and noisy. Robert then has the savage thought that he hates women; especially since George’s tragedy can be traced to various women. Even Alicia is a nuisance who will try to force Robert to marry her.

When he returns to his chambers, he feels lonely and wishes that George or Clara were there. The next day, he receives a short note from Clara, along with George’s letters. One letter was written in Liverpool, and focuses on George’s desire to start a new life.  Another features a loving description of Helen Talboys. Robert muses that, if George had known what purpose this description would ultimately serve, he would have been paralyzed with horror.

Chapter 7 Summary: Retrograde Investigation

It is a dreary day in January and Robert has lost all taste for companionship. He feels that there is a dark cloud hanging over Audley Court and wishes that “she” would heed his warnings and run away.

In late February, Alicia writes to tell Robert that Sir Michael is unwell and would be glad of a visit from him. Robert is briefly fearful and wonders if he has done the right thing in tampering with justice.

Lady Audley looks scared to see Robert and tells him that, though Sir Michael is not gravely ill, they have been anxious. Robert says that she must be concerned about Sir Michael’s fate, as “Your happiness, your prosperity, your safety depend alike upon his existence” (185).  She looks at him defiantly and says that anyone who strikes her must strike through Sir Michael.


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