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Athol Fugard

Master Harold and the Boys

Fiction | Play | YA | Published in 1982

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Hally’s mother calls from the hospital. He speaks to her and learns that his father is being sent home after all. Hally is distressed to hear this news and tells his mother not to allow it. When he hangs up, he explains to Sam and Willie, who were listening, that he wants his father to get better, but that he should not come home before he is fully recovered. He and his mother cannot give him the proper medical attention that he needs, so he should stay in the hospital. He worries that his father will not listen to his mother as “she’s no match for him when it comes to a battle of words” (33). Sam reflects that Hally’s father must be lonely in the hospital; Hally protests that he has nurses and visitors from the Salvation Army to socialize with. Hally becomes despondent and cynical. He rails against the world, saying that there is too much wrong with it and that one should not get their hopes up about things improving. He tells Sam to leave him alone and instructs Sam and Willie to clean the windows, per his mother’s orders.