Cormac McCarthy

No Country for Old Men

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No Country for Old Men Chapters 11-13 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 11 Summary

Bell tracks down Llewelyn Moss’ father and tells him about how Llewelyn died. His father says that Llewelyn was a sniper in Vietnam and the best shot he ever knew, and that it was impossible for him to be involved with drugs. Bell agrees that Llewelyn didn’t have anything to do with drugs or drug dealing. Llewelyn’s father also says that Llewelyn beat up some hippies who spit on him when he got home from Vietnam, and that Vietnam was very different for soldiers than his experience in World War II. The country didn’t offer support or send its strength and hope with the soldiers.

Bell reports that he simply doesn’t believe in the job that he’s doing anymore; he doesn’t think that anything he does will have a positive impact. Even though he is in debt to the job because of fund raising for the election, he just cannot go on doing a job he no longer believes in. He tells Loretta this, and she doesn’t want to believe him at first. However, being who she is, she supports his decision.

He goes to the prison to talk to the Mexican put on death row for killing the state trooper. He tries to tell him that he did the best that he could for him. The man laughs in his face and says that he did kill the trooper. After Bell leaves, he talks to the man’s lawyer. The lawyer asks him if he knows anything more about the mystery man he believes killed the trooper. Again, Bell refers to him as a ghost. He continues, saying that he knows he’s not up to finding this ghost. When Loretta tells him none of this was his fault, he disagrees. He says that if people know you have a mean enough dog in your yard, they will stay out of it, and they didn’t stay out of his yard.

Bell. When Bell gets home, he finds that Loretta is out on her horse. He gets worried, so he saddles his horse and goes out to find her. He does and…

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