Cormac McCarthy

No Country for Old Men

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No Country for Old Men Chapters 6-8 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 6 Summary

Sheriff Bell states that young people today seem to have a hard time growing up, perhaps because people only grow up if they have to. He recollects that he went to war at 21 years old, and he was one of the oldest in boot camp. He had childhood friends who were ordained ministers or police officers at eighteen, and even married with a child at that age. Bell himself was elected sheriff of Terrell County for the first time at 25 years old. He never frets over knowing the difference between right and wrong.

He reports that he couldn’t do this job without Loretta. She cooks and looks after the prisoners. Years later, the men come back to see her, bringing their wives and kids, crying and wanting her to see that their lives are straightened out.

Chigurh. Chigurh buys veterinary supplies to treat his bullet wound. Then he creates a diversion in front of a small-town pharmacy by setting a car on fire and steals antibiotics and painkillers from it, sneaking out the back door. In Hondo, he gets a hotel room and treats his own bullet wound, which has both an entrance and an exit. He cleans and dresses his wound, and gives himself antibiotic injections. He stays in the hotel for five days, recuperating. When Valencia County deputies look at him in the diner, he leaves town.

Wells. Wells stands on the bridge between Eagle Pass and Mexico. He takes pictures, following Moss’s blood trail, trying to deduce where Moss dumped the money case.

Bell. Bell performs general office duties, writing checks and asking for a report on the vehicles found at the drug deal massacre site. No useful information comes from the vehicle registrations or the vehicles themselves, which appear to have fraudulent registrations and be made up of stolen parts. Bell tells his assistant, Molly, that he’s heading for Eagle Pass.

Bell stops a flatbed truck on his way out of town. It contains the wrapped up bodies of eight men from the drug massacre, but the bodies were on full view to passersby as the…

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