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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


Fiction | Novella | Middle Grade | Published in 1991

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Exam Questions

Multiple Choice and Long Answer questions create ideal opportunities for whole-text review, unit exam, or summative assessments.

Multiple Choice

1. Why is the novel’s setting important to the plot?

A) Animal cruelty laws only exist in other states.

B) Individuals in West Virginia value their privacy.

C) It is only possible for a dog to flee its owner in a rural community.

D) The rural setting allows for mistreatment to occur unrecognized.

2. Which of the following best describes Judd’s character?

A) He is unkind, lies, cheats, and poaches.

B) He is misunderstood because of his abuse.

C) He is unkind to animals but generally kind to people.

D) He goes out of his way to be abusive toward people.

3. Which statement best describes Marty’s moral dilemma?

A) Marty steals food from his family’s table to feed Shiloh.

B) Marty is conflicted about paying Shiloh’s medical bills after he is attacked.

C) Marty’s family becomes attached to Shiloh, and they do not want to give him back to Judd.

D) Marty must keep secrets and lie to do the right thing for Shiloh.

4. How does Naylor use present tense to drive her narrative?

A) It allows the reader to analyze Marty’s growth in real time.

B) It creates a sense of urgency for Shiloh’s well-being.

C) It prevents the reader from anticipating what will occur next.

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