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Emily Giffin

Something Borrowed

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2005

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Chapters 15-19Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 15 Summary

On Monday, Rachel gives Hillary all the details of her weekend. Hillary asks if he’s going to call off the wedding, signaling her disapproval when Rachel admits they didn’t talk about it. Rachel explains they said they love each other, but Hillary insists he needs to end his relationship with Darcy. She tells Rachel she met a man named Julian in the Hamptons who she thinks might be her soul mate. Rachel envies that Julian probably isn’t engaged. Rachel meets Darcy for lunch, although she still hasn’t heard from Dex. Darcy complains that Dex is a workaholic and insults Hillary by exclaiming of her new cute guy. Rachel defends Hillary as pretty, but Darcy objects and speculates that she’s only into Julian because her ex was flaunting his new girlfriend at the bar. Rachel tries to get information about Dex by asking about the wedding CDs, but Darcy says she hasn’t thought about them at all.

Later, Dex leaves a short, impersonal message that leaves Rachel “feeling hollow” (194). She consoles herself by saying he will ultimately do the right thing and choose her. When they finally see each other, he falls asleep on her lap. When he tells her he’s spending the weekend with his father and stepmother, Rachel feels that she’s clearly the other woman who doesn’t get to meet his family or enjoy special occasions with him.

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