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Emily Giffin

Something Borrowed

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2005

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Chapters 20-26Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 20 Summary

Two days after the ultimatum, Rachel feels strong, and remains hopeful that Dex will call off the wedding. She has no regrets about “going for it” (253). After a week passes and she hasn’t heard from him, Rachel begins to weaken and fights the urge to call him. She decides to visit Ethan in London as a distraction. She lies to her boss and says she’s going to a wedding, resisting his tactics to get her to reconsider. When Darcy is equally as annoyed since the trip is so close to her wedding, Rachel lies and says she’s going because things didn’t work out with Marcus. She tells Darcy her world doesn’t revolve around her.

The night before her flight, Dex comes by to see her. He tells her he can’t break the relationship off with Darcy and mumbles several excuses. He apologizes and starts crying. Without crying, Rachel tells him she’ll be fine and asks him to leave. She comforts herself by thinking of all the other people experiencing heartbreak that is even more intense. She resolves to get over her “summer romance” (258). She decides to roll the dice one more time, determining that double sixes means that Dex might rethink everything.

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