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Mary E. Pearson

The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2008

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The Adoration of Jenna Fox

  • Genre: Fiction; young adult science fiction/suspense
  • Originally Published: 2008
  • Reading Level/Interest: Lexile 570L; grades 7-12
  • Structure/Length: 18 chapters; approx. 288 pages; approx. 7 hours, 40 minutes on audio
  • Protagonist and Central Conflict: Sometime in the near future, 17-year-old Jenna Fox struggles to learn the truth about a terrible accident that caused her long coma and the erasure of all her memories.
  • Potential Sensitivity Issues: Biomedical ethics; graphic imagery related to a car accident; profanity (one instance); characters with prosthetics; characters with disabilities

Mary E. Pearson, Author

  • Bio: Born in 1955 in Southern California; attended Long Beach State University and San Diego State University; became a classroom teacher; credits young students with inspiring her desire to become a professional writer; a bestselling author of young adult fantasy and cross-genre fiction
  • Other Works: The Miles Between (2010); The Fox Inheritance (sequel to The Adoration of Jenna Fox; 2011); The Kiss of Deception (Book 1 of The Remnant Chronicles; 2014)
  • Awards: Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year (2009); ALA Best Books for Young Adults (2009); YALSA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults (2010)

CENTRAL THEMES connected and noted throughout this Teaching Unit:

  • Nature, Man’s Relationship with Nature, and Survival
  • Parent-Child Relationships
  • Choices (Can vs. Should)

STUDY OBJECTIVES: In accomplishing the components of this Unit, students will:

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