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John Green

The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet

Nonfiction | Essay Collection | Adult | Published in 2021

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Reading Questions & Paired Texts

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Introduction-Chapter 11

Reading Check

1. What musical is the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from?

2. What novel does Green discuss in Chapter 4, “Our Capacity for Wonder?”

3. What innovative delivery method do Scratch ‘n’ Sniff stickers, carbonless copy paper, and time-release medications have in common?

4. To what bird does Green compare velociraptors in order to establish their real size?

5. What word does Green use to explain his disdain for Disney World and for the Hall of Presidents in particular?

Short Answer

Answer each question in at least 1 complete sentence. Incorporate details from the text to support your response.

1. What realization about his writing does Green come to during his bout of labyrinthitis?

2. What is ironic about Green’s foresight regarding the possibility of a global pandemic?

3. What motivates Green to give the Lascaux Cave Paintings four and a half stars?

4. Why does Green see Diet Dr. Pepper as an adequate replacement for the cigarettes he used to smoke?

5. What is Green’s rhetorical purpose in writing an essay about Canada Geese?

Paired Resource

“Hillsborough Vigil Sings ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’”

  • This 2-minute video from BBC News covers Liverpool fans singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at a memorial vigil for those killed in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.