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Markus Zusak

The Book Thief

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2005

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Chapter 65-EpilogueChapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 9: “The Last Human Stranger” - Epilogue: “The Last Color”

Chapter 65 Summary: “The Next Temptation”

A few weeks after Christmas, Liesel and Rudy make their next attempt to steal a book from the mayor’s library. This time, there is a plate of cookies on the desk. After Liesel climbs in, she encounters Frau Hermann and learns that the library belongs to her, not her husband. Frau Hermann used to read to her son there. Liesel selects The Last Human Stranger for her next volume. The two thieves make off with the book and the cookies.

Chapter 66 Summary: “The Card Player”

Death recounts the card games played by men on the air raid detail. They play for cigarettes. Hans is generous when he wins but earns the resentment Reinhold Zucker whenever the latter loses. Death says:

Had he not lost his cigarettes to Hans Hubermann, he wouldn’t have despised him. If he hadn’t despised him, he might not have taken his place a few weeks later on a fairly innocuous road. One seat, two men, a short argument, and me. It kills me sometimes, how people die (148).

Chapter 67 Summary: “The Snows of Stalingrad”

In January of 1943, Liesel shows up to read to Frau Holtzapfel but meets her son Michael. His hand is bandaged because he lost three fingers while fighting in Stalingrad.

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