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Richard Powers

The Echo Maker

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2006

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Parts 4-5Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 4: “So You Might Live” - Part 5: “And Bring Back Someone Else”

Part 4, Pages 276-330 Summary

Mark quits his cognitive therapy, still trying to convince his friends of the grand conspiracy. They admit they were at the scene of the accident, talking on walkie-talkies while driving. They heard him say something about taking evasive action immediately before the accident. When they found him, they fled the scene and made an anonymous 911 call. Mark realizes they are not the good friends he thought they were.

Karin encounters her old flame, Robert Karsh. He flatters her, offers to buy her something to eat, and asks about Mark. Karin realizes that he has been carrying a torch for her in spite of his marriage and children. When Karin brings up the impact of the development on the crane habitat, Karsh tells her she will be proud of him when she finds out what he is doing.

Karin returns to Daniel and offers to work with him as a fund-raiser for the crane refuge. Karin feels a need to do something that makes a difference because Mark doesn’t need her. Daniel and the cranes do.

Weber returns to Kearney, feeling like he is on the road to redemption. Mark is glad to see him and quickly explains everything that has been happening, including all the conspiracies, spies, and fakes, and the fact that his friends betrayed him.